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The thing about being an adult in our society is that it’s completely missing the point. What are the indicators of finally achieving adult status these days? A good job and getting married and having kids and buying a house and saving for your retirement and always saying please and thank you to the point that the words don’t mean a thing and having the courteousy to eat all of your food when visiting the in-laws so that you don’t offend them when, hell, you don’t want to eat that much food. Christ, think about the size of your stomach.

I watch all of these rites of passage on TV or remember stories from when I was younger, 12 year old desert native boys eating peyote and going on spirit quests or those Africans who tie vines to their ankles and jump from fifty foot high towers to prove they have no fear… I’m not sure how this fits in, but I mentioned it anyway. You might be able to find a correlation.

But there’s nothing adult about pretending to enjoy something you don’t like, or giving up yourself for someone else’s happiness. A person can’t live their life in order to save another’s. All we have is our own happiness and as selfish as that sounds, if you are not happy then no one around you aren’t contributing to society in the way that I think everyone should, by giving off a true and realistic impression of who they really are.

If I knew that people didn’t like me from the beginning, it would be much easier to divert myself away from them. It’s not as easy as that, but it could be.

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