My buddy b0b

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with who St0nes is, but he comments here and on Yummy and has his own site. He’s also my flatmate and cousin and probably my oldest friend as I knew him from the day he was born. Well, as much as a 2 year old can “know” someone.

But Bobby St0nes is on a Greyhound right now to the Cambria County Courthouse where he finds out if he’s got to spend the next 3 months in jail or if he’s just going to get house arrest for the entire summer. I’m not really sure why I’m writing this but I guess I was just hoping that if anyone wanted to pray to their Golden Calf or for those of you who have direct lines to GW, well, maybe you could talk to those people and try and get him the lesser of two extremely sucky options.

This might be more than he would want me to share, but he’s facing these dire consequences because he was caught driving under the influence last year and well, I don’t know, I guess crimes need to be backed up but going to jail at this point wouldn’t make anything better. It’s a bit funny to think that the court system would look at a guy who’s got a good job and is living a stable life and think that by throwing him in jail for 3 months he’ll learn his lesson. The very basic idea of jails is ridiculous, throwing all of society’s troublemakers into one big headquarters where they can plot and scheme together for years, so that even if they go in as decent people who made a mistake or whatever, they’ll probably come out as slightly more criminally masterminded. I guess I just don’t understand punishment procedures.

On top of that he’s got $1500 – $3000 in fines to pay…which he’s already managed to come up with at least the low end of that. I guess you’d think that’d be enough…

So the point of this is, good luck b0b and Cheat Commandos, Rock, Rock on!

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