Where I Am and Amn’t

All I really know
Is that I need to spin out of control
Watch all the clouds turn into swirls
A hurricane eggplant world
I’ve got a couple of things to say
But words just end up in the way
But with spinning I don’t need to speak
Just watch me get dizzy and you’ll understand me perfectly

All I really think
Is that I’m tired of cleaning out the sink
Washing all these clothes that just don’t
Need to be washed, I could live in my jeans for days
And when I finally get the motivation
To walk right out of here
Take a little trip down to South America
Try my luck with the seedy Brazilians
I’ve got a dozen things I’m trying to say
But then my teeth get in the way
But all that dried toothpaste in the sink
Watch me clean it everyday and you’ll know everything

(there is to know about me)

Big sad eyes in a dusty mirror
Nicotine stains and the mold’s been growing in these old beer bottles
I could pick up my feet without resting my bones
And my skin’ll float up to a bronzer tone
If I had my way and you wanted to
I could take us out of the human zoos
And we could Congo, Amazon, Teton, green
Until no one would have a clue about my nationality
I’m just a baby and you’re just a mom
I’m just a squeal and you a song
I’m not adult but I look that way
And I do a good job of convincing other people these days
But that’s just how we do it, eh…?

All I really wonder
Is if I’ll ever make the mistake
Of giving up everything for having it all’s sake
Cause nice clean clothes and a 401k
Just don’t do it for me at the end of the day
And I’m so damn sick of wearing shoes
And I’m so damn sick of wearing these shirts
It’s not sunburns or calloused feet
But trading those things for service that hurts

And if I get my way I won’t be remembered
If I have my way I won’t even be known
I’d like to disappear into the Milky Way
Everybody look up, there, that’s my space
But we’re all so concerned with legacies
And leaving behind a little piece of all our me-me-mes
I drag on and on until we all get bored…

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