Red Sox Fever

“Welcome to Boston – Home of the 2004 World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox”

So the sign read as I left the car I was driving pull me out of the city. I have priviledges. I’m not exactly sure why but I’ll elaborate a bit on my purpose and cause and what b0b might call social engineering (would you, st0ner?).

I’m doing a documentary on US Route 20, America’s longest road, which stretches from Boston MA through 11 (some say 12, I suppose I’ll find out) states to Newport OR. I’m trying to capture the American spirit with this documentary. Not the yeehaw nuke ’em these colors don’t run sort of spirit that the Europeans tend to think of us as, but the real deal raw America. The heritage as it really was, the history of country through the eyes of the people living in it today, the woman behind the counter at the corner store and the essence of every American’s right, to head out onto the road and see what this big beautiful country is really all about.

So this weekend (more accurately, Sunday) I went to Boston to talk to the Vicar of the Old North Church about Paul Revere. Because I had a camera (and absolutely no other credentials, mind you) I was allowed to climb to the top of the tower where Paul himself lit the beacons (two if by sea) and look out over the great city from what is essentially the ejaculation of our nation. (Thinking about it might do you well.)

Then, thanks to the car that was donated to me by Budget Rent a Car for the entire summer to put this production on, two drunk women came up to me and gave me a mini-tour of the area and told me all about the history of the Mustang and various other interesting tidbits about Boston. It was really cool, just sort of being there and having things happen, rather than seeking anything out. (Well, other than the fact that I drove to Boston for just that purpose.)

I watched two suns rise between when I left at 4am Sunday morning and when I returned just a few hours ago. 18 hours of driving, 56 cigarettes and $200 less that I don’t have later I’m sitting again in my office doing my normal job.

More about all of this soon.

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