Horoscope Shmoroscope?

Well I don’t typically give much weight to horoscopes, as they typically say things like “Something will happen today to make you reconsider your position at work” or “Love is a setting sun, realize your potential and your potential will realize you.”

But I’ve spent some time with a soothsaying woman from beyond the densest jungles of Africa who, among other things, has convinced me of the virtues of spacial displacement, interplanar ethereal travel, and the true meaning of soul and spiriternity.

Anyway, she has recently told me that my “love sign” is Aquarius (which conveniently happens to be hers as well)…

“When Venus is in Aquarius, it’s definitely the dawning of the New Age of Aquarius, which in this case means experimentation into new and uncharted territories of love. Will you be able to cope? Well, these people certainly can, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Unconventional, outrageous and willing to try anything once, this is the adventurous ride on the way to love! Those with this placement seek thinkers as well as adventurers, and if they’re rolled into one attractive package, even better. It’s physique which adds to the mystique here, and those with their Venus in Aquarius consider a beautiful body (theirs and anyone else’s) as a prerequisite to love. This isn’t the be-all, end-all, however. The mind game with this placement could challenge anyone! Having Venus in Aquarius means a steady stream of emotional highs and lows, a few sensible — and many not. That’s the beauty of living in a dream world. Those graced by this placement where matters of the heart are concerned make the most compassionate and humanitarian of lovers; however, they are well-served to find a partner who can appreciate their unique outlook on life and love.”

I believe she found that information here. (Caution, clicking on that link will take you to “the website for women. Secure your testosterone sufficiently before attending.)

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