Old, New and the Sky and Deep as they’re Colored

Just left of the third knot near the backeast corner of the kitchen table placed appropriately in the room it was named after, sits a thought not bigger than my own two thumbs. The idea of which is immeasurable in the form of time or heat, but by which you can (or at least, could at the time of writing) distinguish all thought as a singular and most simple equation, say 2+2.

The equal sign is appropriate but not necessary (and therefor, some would argue, not at all appropriate) as there is no reason to give it an answer. 2+2 simply equals, and whatever is appropriate for the finishing of your evening, well so be it.

For example, let’s assume that I’m sitting in a plaid suit behind a tree located somewhere in the park that I’ve found myself placed in, sipping a martini and remembering the days when I smoked in New Mexico. And, then, assume that a woman, 5 foot something and wearing a creme dress with excess frill and loose to make it seem almost like the nighty garb of a woman who’s taken up residence with Mr. Charles Ingals and has in turn given him her hand in marriage. So this woman and myself, aligning and colliding, red hairs or curvy lips abundant none-the-matter, would each be part of the equation, and the solution to which would be what we did from that point on – whether I put my head down and she walked briskly by, or perhaps I would ask her if she had a light in an attempt to either ignite my cigarette’s tip or simply have a reason to speak with her. And let’s say that she didn’t have one, but offered to show me a place where I might find one, presumably under a rock inhabitted by a toad the size of a ball of cotton who would, if I answered the riddle correctly, define for me the meaning of magick to wit I could cast a spell on said rock and arrange my fingers to pick the desired flame and flint up. Whatever. It’s not the point of what we do that makes up the necessity to live, but the fact that we are all in combination doing something. The result is no where near as interesting or fascinating as the immediate moment of the realization of the equation.

As soon as something becomes possible, it becomes interesting, even if the only possibility of it is a fickle unnrealistic dream, the very idea of the equation gives it some degree of achievability and so we move to new countries and become new people and extend ourselves slightly outward in any or many given directions, until eventually we have stretched out as far as we can in this universe, this lifetime, and we spin back in on ourselves again and get to start all over, 2+2 from the very beginning again.

Welcome back to the start.

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