And on to other things

If you take my hand where with me do you assume you stand?
If I make a deal, should I feel the wax to be sure it’s hot enough to seal?
Once everything gets done, then am I good to start all over from squares named one?
Where’s my favorite thing? You know that one I always forget to bring.

He has two big eyes that go equally well with sadness or surprise.
He has no concept of time, which makes everything seem to last such a long while.
We said our goodbyes, but he can’t understand what that implied.
So it’s all snot and tears on sleeves until winter brings me back for a white Christmas eve.

I can imagine the color of the sky already,
Solid deep blue and silent save for that peculiar wind
That leaves you uncertain if you’re amazed or terrified
But with all of the holiday spirit you just have to give in
And we end up crying over cigarettes smoked out
The back door of our dead grandmother’s house.

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