Brighter Posts to Come (So they say…)

Well thus far living in England has been a nonstop toggle between hilarious cultural difference revelations and a lack of communication with the civilized Western World. In particular I’m referring to those few folks I would consider my family (ex and otherwise) who all indicated to me that it should be a grand idea for me to visit this ancient foreign world of our ancestors… “Oh yeah, Nathan, I think it’s great…go off and visit England, I’ll live in your house for next to nothing rent…great idea!” says the ex-wife or “Yes, Nathan you should take this opportunity, it comes around so rarely for a person – I’ll take care of Tristan and make certain he calls you every single day…” proclaimes the mother…

All lies. Funny how people, the feminine gender in particular, are so good at persuading me into believing their lies.

This post has been (ended shortly and) brought to you by desperate anger and the number 6. Good day.

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