The Gull Stones…

I wonder if there’s an official government entity here in the USofA that determines what words are of the official American English language… or is it left up to those stodgy old ho-hums Merriam and Webster and their antediluvian approach to the Internet to determine whether ain’t ain’t a word or if superfly will finally get to take part in our nation’s lexicography?

I would pray to high heaven (and back again if I could afford the mileage) that this is not the case… mostly because M-W is so behind the times that they’re still trying to get people to pay money to subscribe to their site when and and a host of others (including Google, try typing in “define: anyword“) are giving it away for free. If the big name can’t get with the times on presentation, how can we be sure they’re up to speed with the latest in language? Huh! How, I beg of you, tell me!?

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