In this, our “Real”

The rainy forever that has established itself as the constant pattering background ambience does its best to clean off the rooftops and windowsill protruding from and adjacent to our little apartment up here on the third floor. The ramblings of a child doing his best soprano imitation are mingled in with the falling drops and the hum of my computer as it keeps my lap warm does it’s best to bring the whole thing together as one united band.

My brain goes round and about considering what it is about modern day life that leaves me feeling lacking, intellectually anyway, and sometimes emotionally. Surrounded by the beaming eyes and outstretched arms of a loving family I can’t blame any outside influences, and so my nervous system does its best to play courier between my logic-deprived brain and the thumping tendrils of emotion lodged in my heart. The two come to conclusions:

“What you need,” says the heart “is a good dose of adventure. Why not rent a pontoon boat and see where the rivers take you?”

“Poppycock,” proclaims the brain, “solace is found through inner peace. Be happy with what you have before you don’t have anything to be happy about!”

And they go on and on, back forth just like that. Mouses click, keys clack and the clock plays tennis with tic and toc, but no real decisions are made, no finalities, just answers postponed.

Up Next: While searching for "to the max!"