Smokin’ in the Rain

I gather large amounts of happiness from the rain. It offers escape from “city livin'” as all of my neighboring neighborhoods’ denizens retreat into their homes. No bike-back hipsters assessing the non-validity of my claims to being cool. No Asian mothers moving their strollered children far out of my path in condescention. No ghetto bangers hanging out in front of the grocery mart staking claim to their territory by casting red-eyed stares through me as I pass.

Just I and mine, an umbrella over my head shielding me from the sky’s falling droplets, a rare treat of nicotine-in-a-stick in my hand and the greenest of leaves dancing around in my head. In the moment, the empty city is mine.

It almost makes me wonder if surviving to see the winter after a nuclear holocaust would make it all worthwhile…

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