The Process of Time

Throughout various points of history there have been changes made which set us irrevocably into a new future. Times such as the invention of the wheel, when Adam ate Eve’s apple, or when it was first discovered you could wrap cheese in wax.

But history is just the 3 hour documentary version of any individual’s half hour action TV show, and so we’ll focus on the more comprehendable for this, my night’s dissentary.

Moments of change are most difficult in the immediate aftermath. A friend moves out of a house where everyone tended to congregate, and suddenly people stop hanging out due to lack of a convenient, predetermined venue. You wake up with your first hangover and vow to your religious centerpiece that you’ll never drink again. Or they cancel your favorite television show about a loft-dwelling fat guy, his hot wife and their ethnic neighbor, and suddenly you realize how your Thursday evenings no longer hold any meaning.

I don’t know if there’s some parable in this about how I eventually make new friends and move on to find a better venue where the alcohol doesn’t make you sick the next day and they turn that into a TV show, but I do know that I’m bored on a Saturday night and that never would have happened ten years ago.

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