I have a hard time remembering what age I am. I spent a few minutes today figuring it out using mathematics and my knowledge of the current year and that of which I was born and arrived at 27. But if asked, I immediately chime “28” and believe it.

I’d like to do a lifelong study on my own life to determine how I was aware of time. I recall, distinctively, that around 13 I longed to be 8 again and at 16 I felt as if I only had two good years left, tops. Unfortunately, my life is already 25% completed (roughly, or more) and so that study will have to wait for my next lifetime. I also spent some time today contemplating the following:

If I could have an 8 day week, once per month (lunar, not Gregorian) and on the 8th day I would go back in time and spend a week in each of my previous years. So the first time I’d spend a week of one of the first few months in my life, the second time a week when I was 1, the next a week when I was 2, and so on and so etc. Attempting to remember various times in my life was difficult, and I primarily gravitated to a few key times in my teenage years. Resulting theory: There are a handful of definitive moments in life that build the fence posts of your phsychological makeup, and the rest are just barbed wires along the way.

So I wonder who’s lives I’ve been a fence post in, and would anyone care to find out they only served as an electric impulse along the fence line of my life’s ranch?

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