Google Write

So I’ve been wondering if Google will continue on its course of eliminating Microsoft Office by releasing some sort of Word variant and possibly an Excel alternative as well.

There is Writely, an online Word Processor that Google recently acquired but which remains unavailable while they update, and a guy at flickr set up this example of how they might integrate Gmail, Calendar and this service.

I’d like to see some sort of way to run all of these within Firefox (or any browser, I suppose) that would clearly separate them from other tabs, without forcing me to open a new Firefox window. I’m not sure how this would work, I just know that I want it to work. I’d also like it if the in-browser version of Chat could be set up so that it would stay above every page in each tab, as opposed to how it’s restricted to the Gmail tab right now. Maybe Google Desktop offers such features, but there are too many things I don’t like about that product as of now…

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