1am Sunday

Heaven holds a little space
for every sake that I pray
just as this street wouldn’t feel complete
without my two cents worth of feet.
So don’t feel too adult to give my place a ring,
I went out drinking with my doorbell and it clearly likes to sing.
And most days I spend my time
with a boy who’s mind still thinks that countertops are high
and I chuckle at the night
while his laughs tend to just come all outright.

The windows open to the rain
and this garden we’ve grown is just enough to sustain
the family that lives there lives with me
was worth the effort to achieve.
We stroll our lives out between the dawns,
around the block and through our little lawn
and I let the leaves fall over me
in an effort to have my eyes feel a little more green.

So sit back in your chair as it’s a lovely Saturday
and there’s barely half a reason we should let any of it matter today.
I saw a girl with good long hair waiting in the driveway for me
and all it takes is tying shoes to help myself to her company.
There’s at least an hours worth of good times waiting down the street,
So let’s make the time, take a walk and let the time wait and see…

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