Glorious Summer A-hahs! To all…

Around 7:26am sharp this morning, in this, our most Eastern Standard of Time Zones, the world, mankind and otherwise, took a moment to step themselves out of the slippery galoshes of spring and into the 99 cent flip flops of summer whoohah celebration.

Box fans hum a little louder as their ceiling brethren shimmy back and forth above our heads, shown complete trust in exchange for their diligence in cooling the pushing girth of outside’s sweltering glowy heat. To have a cold one on a porch is our glory-to-God-given right. To smoke cigarettes while riding bikes, to lower our hat brims over our eyes, to pledge hallelujah! to the passing convertibles full of spoiled rich high school girls fresh from graduation and storming into the sunlight with half of the clothes their parents set out for them.

To aspire for time to slow itself right on up, never wanting or wishing for a thing except to live, exultant, in this brief moment of yearly havannah, ours, the good and glorious Sun God’s gift of summer.

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