Has everyone heard of Googlism? Ahem, let me rephrase.

Chad, have you heard of Googlism?

It’s been around for a while, as long as I can recall using the Internet to search for things (as opposed to using it to pretend like I was a chick and hit on guys in AOL chat rooms or call people “Mexicans” when I was 14).

So basically, you can type in your name, and they tell you what Google knows about you. Very limited, they still don’t know my first+last name but oh well, here is what they have to say about me…

First three lines:

nathan is ?
nathan is here
nathan is there

then some whatever, then…

nathan is a sweet innocent 8 year old boy
nathan is coming home
nathan is hot
nathan is missing a valve in his heart and the hole was directing the blood through the heart instead of nowhere
nathan is co
nathan is tired of trying losing weight
nathan is a book i wrote for myself
nathan is one who is a ‘jack of all trades’ because he can do various things
nathan is soon trying to learn all he can about the situation and is dismayed at being left out of the loop by his superiors

And son on and so on, the legend continues (with or without kung fu).

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