90 Degrees (I’m talking Fahrenheit, baby)

The lady and I recently went to see An Inconvenient Truth. It was an amazing movie, very eye-opening and not quite as depressing as the ads might have you believe (though, for some people it will be more depressing than others, depending on your particular role in eliminating the planet we live on…) – basically it weaved in and out of Al Gore’s slideshow, which is far above your average PowerPoint blah, and his personal life, which is a pretty traumatic tale in itself. They even have time to throw in a short Simpsons-style cartoon. All in all, it’s a good watch, packed full of the sort of facts which make you curious as to why we’re all so oblivious to the reality (and the explanation for that as well.)

It’s also an emotional movie, odd for a documentary you might think, but to be able to leave the theatre without having your perception of the planet we’re living on irrevocably altered would be most likely impossible. Everyone who lives here on Mother Earth should definitely see this movie.

In the meanwhile, you can check out the website.

Or, if you think you’re not having a major impact on our planet and that it’s all a bunch of hooplah, then perhaps you might take a minute to see how much of the world you require in relation to how much there actually is. You can do so here at the Earth Day Footprint Quiz. There’s an even better one (“better” because it tells you why you get the score you do) at the climatecrisis.net site. I rarely eat meat, bike/walk/bus everywhere I go, live in a small apartment, and do my fair share of recycling, and it still would require 2.2 planets to support us if everyone on the world required as much as I do.

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