Bike 101

The time is soon at hand! In less than 10 days I’ll be on my way to Portland, Oregon to begin the process of my grandest Bike Adventure ever, Bike 101 (named so due to the primary road I’ll be taking, US Route 101.)

Basically, I’m taking an aeroplane to Portland next weekend – they’re having a huge Brewery Festival (the state of Oregon, that is) so I’ll probably drink my body into annihilation just before embarking on a 10 day fiasco from that grand city to the Pacific Ocean and continuing down to San Francisco. Most days I’ll be riding 80 miles a day, and will have climbed 1500+ feet by the end of the day (that’s going up and down and up and down).

For those of you who can’t imagine how hard 80 miles a day might be, think of how easy it is to ride 80 miles in your car, then think about the opposite of that x 4 / how many cigarettes you would need to smoke at the end of the day to the square root of a six pack divided by the negative sum of a pipe full of greens.

I hope it’ll be fun!

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