Charity Garbage

A few month’s back I gave $10 to some cerebral palsy research institute informing them that I did not, in fact, want the complimentary calendar that the package indicated they would send me, and that I wasn’t going to give them any more money so they should not waste the $10 I donated on future mailings.

That opened the flood gates, and now every institute from breast cancer research to halitosis prevention mails me asking me to donate a small chunk of my change. They all have pretty much have the same deal: pictures of cute kids who are dying and complimentary mailing labels with pictures of puppies or Ziggy or flowers on them. If they’re all considered as a whole – lets call it Disease Research – they’ve spent more money on me than my original measly Alexander Hamilton’s face worth of paper. So, in essence, my contribution has done more bad than good – but not through fault of my own, but by these apparently evil corporations who’ve aligned themselves with the mailing label industry (and presumably the USPS) to overthrow America by letting it’s sick die…

Oh, the madness.

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