A Layover (with Terms)

I find myself under a 15 minute deadline in a library situated in a bit of suburban sprawl that popped out of nowhere (my map tells me it’s Florence, Oregon.) I’ve been climbing up and down, three 500 foot mountains since this morning. Amazing cliffside views, of which I took some pictures, but mostly with my good camera since photos from my phone seem pointless when I’m rarely within my coverage area.

Hopefully I don’t fall off of a cliff and need help…nothing but sea lions down there…

But I thought I’d clue everyone in on a little terminology from the road (mind you, none of these words have actually been said outloud, as I rarely say a word what with the lack of people alongside me.) *Field note: they’ve just upgraded me to one hour…probably because of my impressive typing abilities…


road sodas* – beers you carry on the road, being mighty careful to find the fine balance between too much weight and not enough buzz. * I didn’t make this one up, FYI.

Oregon Pull – the scientifically unexplainable force that often drives you uphill with very little pedalling effort on your part, as though gravity and the wind have consorted to choose you as the sacred sail. Often referred to (with smiles) as “On the Pull”.

Strongarm – when the small muscle where your legs meet, between your more private parts, becomes incredibly stiff (and therefore sore) from sitting on a bike seat all day. The words origins are believed to come from our great American inspiration, Mr. Lance Armstrong, and his groin situations.

Blowjab – headwinds. Particularly those that hit you right in the face. (See drivethrus

Drivethrus – when you nab a tasty bug straight down your throat. Instant protein for the downhill rides, particularly the larger beetles.

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