Devastation in the Form of Unrivaled Happiness

Personal blog journal entry: So yeah…phew yesterday was a long one.

I began the lifestyle I lead by walking many blocks through San Francisco’s pussy excuse for a ghetto, the Tenderloin, to take a stroll up Haight-Asbury. It was a cool place with lots of local flavorful shops and a good mix of bums, hippies, tourists and grannies. Blah blah blah the day proceeded, I ended up finding a bar you could smoke in, bummed out about a pack and a half of cigarettes, smoked a greener in the bar with some lo-cals, then found myself in a cigar joint drinking fine wine with coke-y rich execs and smoking cigars to boot. I capped the night off with getting completely lost and ended up paying a bum $20 to show me the way home. I only promised her $2 but thought that the tip was in order. Also, I pretended like I only spoke French to her pretty much the entire time, then busted out right at the end with some hard-earned English.

Woots and tunes!

Up Next: Hammered with a fresh clean and new threads in the cigar lounge