So there’s this cool site – eMusic.com – that solves the world’s mp3 download problems…. Or, at least they solve mine.

Personally, my biggest peeve with iTunes was the whole Digital Rights Management which basically keeps my music in iTunes or on my iPod. So the tunes I purchase with my actual cash (you know, instead of stealing them like everyone else) don’t work on my other MP3 player and I can’t email them to my friends when I think they’d like the track (heaven forbid you introduce other people to music…that might even lead to new fans.)

eMusic costs $10 / month and you get to download 40 tracks…so, if math is done you end up getting the songs for less than a quarter each. And, unlike Rhapsody and some of the other subscription services, cancelling your membership doesn’t mean losing your tunes. Once you download them, they’re yours to do with as you please.

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