Gently, Softly, Lost in Timely

So after recent comments thrown my way about how I listen to the same 3 hours of music over and over I’ve used my fancy iTunes to only play songs that I’ve listened to less than 5 times in the past 6 months. The result is alot of old music laying around on my computer that I never want to get rid of for sentimental values but also of which I’d never purposely click to play.

And in doing so, a drippy typhoon has pushed shoebox after paper cup full of old memories in. I sing along as I work and mostly don’t think much of what I’m pushing up my vocal chords…a little red plastic water dispenser in the shape of a squirrel does what it can to keep my tomato garden growing and the sunny blue of today lingers behind all of that green and red, so that every now and then I stare out through the window when a particular song catches my memory.

And I begin to think of the lyrics in the songs, as little miniscule emotions stir up in the bottom of my belly, and I remember who I associate with this line or what situation I’m reminded of with that one. Back when these songs were my ab fabs, these tunes brought me to tears or made me so angry with life and various emotions between those, but now they don’t do much at all, like getting back with your high school sweetheart one night ten years later. Nothing between you but the distance you can accumulate as you drive away as quickly as possible the next morning.

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