Who in…what sort of…how can they…?

So American Apparel, they sound like a great thing: trendy clothing built sweatshop free right here in the United States of A.

So how in Heaven’s microprocessor can they make such garbage? I’m speaking primarily about the girl’s clothing line. The mens stuff is fine, ranging from whitey hip hop wannabe styles to basic takes on classics like the t-shirt or the polo. It’s more than fine actually, it’s splendid. If I’m going to pay $35 for a shirt, I don’t want it to come with an advertisement sewn on it.

However, the ladies stuff….well, not since a time before my existence did such horrid atrocities attempt to make their way out of workout videos or fat ladies closets and on to the main street…





I believe they’re playing off of the fact that sexy girls are not defined by their clothing, but by the skin that surrounds it.

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