Paganathanism, A Historic Overlook

Somehow people make up religions. I’ve been watching Maurie as of late, more just catching clips of it as I walk from the beer cooler to the balcony, but apparently a lot of people make up religions, get people to see them as gods, and then do whatever they want to them (usually bad.) Still, it seems a little silly. So I’d like to clear it up that I don’t make up religions, but simply like to figure out what my own personal religion is…

Accountability. The actions you take have consequences, and no amount of pretending like it doesn’t happen will change that. Everyone is free to decide what they find to be particularly worth believing in / fighting for / working towards, however.

Independence. The fewer rules being imposed on me, the better. This is a difficult aspect of life, because governments, police men and shopping mall security guards are always trying to prove how important they are. The best way, I’ve discovered, is to stay off the radar. It’s a lot easier to green your leafies in the park if you aren’t screaming like a nut job. And, as a general rule, stay away from the mall.

Celebrate Good Times (C’mon). I really want to get into the habit of celebrating nature a bit more. So every full moon I’m going to throw a party. Whether it’s a big have-everyone-over kind of deal or just me and a hat and a bottle of happiness, I’m going to make it a point. More on this later…

I love the independence life has afforded me. Nighty night.

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