New Site (Again)

So I’ve finally redesigned my site again for the second time this year… I think I like this design enough to let it ride for the next good long while, though.

Anyway, the site has a few new features, including a much requested “home” link that takes you back to the main blog if you’re in the blog section or back to the homepage if you’re in any other section. Just click on the white ClickNathan lettering at the top left of any of the header images.

Also, you can now register with the site by clicking the “Register” link in any post’s comments section. Basically this just logs you in and keeps you logged in for commenting. It also gives you a little profile that I may or may not do something with in the future.

And to all of my beautiful, many, thousands of readers, thanks for reading and your steadfast, relentless dedication.

Up Next: Latenight, bedside and manners