Perfect Cut Outs

Paper Dolls gone ProtegeEndless city streets parallell themselves, one row of houses after the next family after family of drunken lonesome ex-husbands or smiling grandmothers with their descendants. If it weren’t for mountains and rivers, we’d perfectly plot out our quiltish existance, a perfect layout of checkerboard garage sales, playgrounds and Church bake-offs. A person could see forever expanses of perfect street names, Lilac Way or Poplar Ave, the blue sky pushing out the clouds to keep the only shadows on our front lawns coming from the tire swings and freshly covered grills donning their coats for the coming winter.

Someone once said to me, “all of the animals that people rescue only need rescuing because of us in the first place.” Maybe. But if we’re just animals as well, then we shouldn’t be placed at fault for annihilating other animals. Lions don’t mourn the death of a gazelle. And we are, by nature, animals that attempt to expand across the earth. It’s in our nature to use up the resources that the planet provides to progress ourselves, our conscience collective tells us to do this, or it wouldn’t be done. And if it’s in our nature to slow down and realize that we’re running out of resources, then we’ll do it. So I can only come to the conclusion that even if humans are responsible for the irradication of a species due to our collective conscience and its drive for evolution, then it’s a greater feat for humans to want to try and save the things that we’re destroying. And not like saving the trees – we need trees, for paper, for warmth, for oxygen. We don’t need the whales. Saving the whales is just us doing something kind for creatures who aren’t up to snuff with the food chain.

But there are so many varieties of humans that it’s easier and easier to just live my own life and let the rest of you sort out yours.

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