Finding New Music

My coffee can’t seem to stay warm long enough. It’s either blazing hot and so I forget about it until it’s too late, or it’s too luke warm to feel like a proper companion to my cigarette. Girlfriends are often equally as drab (current situations not applicable 😉 ).

Music falls into the same category. Most bands I find laying around in mp3 stores have a lasting power of about a month, if I don’t listen to them too often. But now and then I find myself falling over some special secret band in the accidental night, a Joanna or Devendra or, most recently, Akron/Family. Though the latter wavers from excellent music to weird noize. Finding a great new band is like finding a great new love, and it can last a lifetime, even as you tire of them and the CD falls down behind the cracks of the bed, you eventually dig them out a few years later and they blend up a smooth frappe of nostalgia and new revelations with the lyrics so that you can have a second or third go with them.

And bands so rarely do care if you stay out too late or leave them behind for a few years, as you’re just another nameless, faceless number whose downloaded their latest sequence of binary code.

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