All Hallows and the Eve They Dress Up As

Tristan's Costume - faboo!Tonight, All Hallow’s Evening (Hallowe’en), is the final night of the year, which began last Yule with the ris and shining rebirth of the Sun. The Sun’s cycle is one where it is reborn every Yule, when the days begin to get longer, and the Sun’s power begins to grow up the lighted world…until it reaches its peak in Midsummer and the days begin to get shorter. But it isn’t until now, Hallowe’en, when the night actually grow longer than the days and the Sun dies to give way to the Winter Queen, and nightfall works its magick through the next coming months. After today we’re in the throws of MiddleYear, a sort of Time out of Time, waiting for the Solstice to bring the NewYear.

Indian Summers are over and the days are remarkably colder, with less lingering warm breaks now. The leaves are shedding fast and the mountains have already tasted snow, but here in our river valley home it may be another couple of months before we see a blanket, and we still have the cheer of the night and the warmth of a pumpkin pie and hot, creamy drinks to keep us looking forward. And if that doesn’t work, we can always resort to under-covers companionship.

When possible, large fires, masquerades, and pumpkin carving also sound like great ideas.

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