Traveling Nations (or, appeasing Chad) ((or, hopefully appeasing Chad))

Looking at the napkin that SouthWest airlines has given me to accompany my 2.4 oz. of Coke during the flight I wish I had a highlighter to color in the states that I’ve been to. “All of them” would work for most people who approve of a little give and take when stating the facts. I mean, I’ve been to Alaska.

But what I notice is, well, I’m less and less the awesome person I thought I was, and more and more the less awesome person I knew I’d never be. For example, what kind of an axeholster doesn’t look out of the window while on the plane – especially during takeoff/landing. I used to think that was quite a bit rude…but now, well… know – sometimes I don’t.

Chicago is a nice city, though, so maybe I’ll go have some fun.

Hopeful inspiration for stories to come….

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