All-the-Way Down

Walking as I do, I stumbled near a dark spot on the earth
Where moles wear no sunglasses and Queen of all Ants birth
This black spot on the ground, well I found what I found
Was a hole right through the surface with a neverending all-the-way down

So I reached into my pocket, since as far as I could tell
That hole in the ground could have been a wishing well
And I contributed what change I had gathered through the day
Seventeen left over cents from my lunch time foray
I listened for the moments that it takes gravity presides
Over while it does its bidding and not a scientific second more to decide
Sure enough the coins made their respective diving sounds
And I marked a mental note of my new favorite hole in the ground

Over about a lifetime as I grew and grew and grew
Into all of the things mother expected, and a few she never knew
I’d visit my hole and throw my money down the well
But for all my whispered wantings I only ever saw my wishes as they fell

I died a broken man, or at least I assume I will
What with all the mounting stacks of Sallie Maes, Freddy Macs and other folks named Bills.
And most of the things never came true that I swore I’d never tell
Since I pitched all of my hopes and dreams down some deepest, darkest well.

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