Big Pittsburgh

Two great advancements (in my mind) of our city (articles from the Post Gazette):

  1. Free liquor in the state’s new casinos:

    Senate voted tonight to make a major change to casino operations in Pennsylvania, allowing slot machine casinos to serve unlimited free drinks to gamblers from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week.

  2. Park to get built on either side of all of Allegheny County’s rivers:

    County Council tonight threw its unanimous support to the planning and developing of a countywide riverfront park, stretching on one side or the other of every river from county line to county line.

The liquor / gambling thing is, in my mind, important because government-affecting religion has affected the laws of drinking for too long – from the ridiculous need to have no liquor sales on Sundays to determining the exact times people are allowed to consume alcohol in private businesses. And as for the parks, well, if something could be built on that scale, it would certainly help to drive Pittsburgh to becoming a bigger, better, more beautiful city. My theory of city development? Provide an involving, interesting, beautiful place and young people and, particularly, young artists will move there, involving themselves to further beautify the area, improving its value, which will inevitably lead to businesses investing in the region.

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