People Talk

While making my way through daily life I notice that an awful lot of people talk. Friends in circles talk to eachother around Big Macs and fries, nurses smoke between wheezing chatting and coffee shop hipsters make small talk with college girls or retirees spending their all too early mornings out and about.

How do they do this? Why am I unable to hold such basic conversations? For them, it all begins with some simple sentence “Gettin’ cold out there” or “phew…another day, huh?” or today I hear “this is a hell of a bitch, right?” (no clue what the subject of that matter was). Regardless, it always evolves into discussions of the plight of the working man or how financing is ruining America’s middle class or the state of the union in China. But when I try to stumble through a conversation everyone ends up making strange faces and uncomfortable glances at watches or down alleyways, as if to say “I’d rather be stabbed by a vagabond than to continue this slow death.”


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