Dreaming Opposition

The sound of my latest music interest belts up early am to wake me, pulling itself from the kitchen and into my bedroom, forcing me to wake up and killing the six time snooze that inevitably has me rushing through my mornings. I stumble, feet first, from the comfortable warm glow of my loveliest lady and through the bedroom door gateway to the world becomes my kitchen. I pull a cup of tea from the same device that has left the sweet sound of losing dreams and the song switches over to NPR’s Morning Edition. There’s nothing like warm tea and talk radio to inspire me to flame up some wonderfully iron skilleted pancakes for the boy and I to enjoy in our grogginess. My lack of hair shines under the dim light of our morning complimenting his stack of bedhead as he falls face first into eating his flapjacks.

In the shower, I’m shaving my face, a fogless mirror that also plays my favorite morning tunes thanks to the WiFi connection it has been secretly love affairing with my laptop. Oldies Rock classics are great for waking up…

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