Last Night’s Fuller Moon

A small child, three foot something small actually, stared heavenly into the violet red blue of the night sky and “Hey, look – a full moon!” he shouts, a surprise to him and his father. The streetlights poured heavy down on this particular corner of the Pittsburgh cityscape and both gentlemen took their time trying to figure out if it was completely full or not. Of course, they both knew that it was.

And what a day for the Moon Baby to come a-crawling, slow, steady, up over the trees and through their leaves and between cloud and stinging through the air where even the stars don’t come to meet with man. December 5th is also Sinterklaasen, the day the mythical sleigh-beller comes ringing, though not in his Coca Cola truck or some flighty reindeer drawn aeroship, but simply as a man, holding a curved stick and coming to collect a short list of what young boys or girls might want for their Yule Tide treasures.

The child and his father, having done their laundry, eaten their dinner, and walked the Winter-bound streets of waning MiddleYear, made their motions home, the moon seemingly leading their way. The younger of the two boys placed his shoes by the fireplace, dropped a single golden walnut into the left and the short list of wishes slipped in behind it, they lit a candle and made tucked-in for their nightly exhaustion…

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