M-W Word of the Day?

cybrarian \sye-BRAIR-ee-un\ noun
: a person whose job is to find, collect, and manage information that is available on the World Wide Web

Yet another examples of the fusty doldrum that is the presumptuous Merriam-Webster. Just who do these bastards think they are? I, for one, am thoroughly discouraged, weary and bored of their attempts to define our language. Language is art, ever-changing, ever-evolving, and not to be pinned down to a particular book, printed thousands of times over, rarely read, a waste of paper and good oxygen / energy.

And now this, cybrarian… First of all, who refers to the Internet as “cyber” anything anymore. Cybersex, cyberspace, information super cyberway…only a newb grandma who’s been watching too much PBS would even assume to use such a swiss cheesy word, full of holes and lacking in taste, M-W has successfully extracted any remaining confidence I left bookmarked in their pretentious list of doctrine.

God save the Queen, my friends, God save her pretty little ass.

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