Let it Snow

The moment you step through your front door, into the wide open of a fresh lay of sparkling snowy dust, the oily thick heat from your home still wasping clingy around you, teasing you with the idea that it might not be the arctic tundra out there that it appears to be, and you have a moment to survey the landscape in all of its powdery beauty.

The half second when your foot lands on a patch of hidden ice and you slip forward, only a few inches, only a moment, but your body sends a rush of adrenaline through you, screaming “Get ready!” as your back tilts back and you’re sure you’re going to fall – only to regain your balance and the roller coastery jolt to your system wakes you up wide eyed to the world.

The steamiest cup of hot cocoa, wrapped up in your gloves, both of you tucked away in a small enclosure where the wind can’t scrape across your cheeks and cigarette smoke turns into a smooth, silky and welcomed feeling sipping down your throat to warm your every breath.

The space between your neck and a well-applied scarf that, if used correctly and in conjunction with a sturdy hat, can double the heat to frigid digits ratio you’re experiencing.

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