Good for the Week

The combined expertise of various wizards, seers, and meteorologists has me resting assured that the majority of my week will be spent as today has begun, strolling through parks, wearing no jacket, and not taking any measures to move forward at any pace short of what my body feels like.

I hate to say it, but the weather rules my world… Which brings me to my pseudo-post of the day:

Analyzing Human Interaction

Various studies into the process by which Human Being A relates verbal with Human Being B have lead me to realize that I, in the uppity pretentiousness of my post-college intellect, have single handedly convinced myself that small talk is a lesser evil (perhaps just a bad, or a bore) that resulted in my inability to “hang” in many situations.

Also, apparently, over-thinking anything is not “the ticket” (as alcohol will prove) to conversation, but instead, a free flow of thoughts which can produce either side of a conversation relating information they don’t believe in, have any expertise in, or possibly had never, until said point, had any opinion on.

Thusly, and my theory here is just beginning to move from hypothesis to practice mind you, small talk is a necessary mortar to keep the concrete blocks of meat and potatoes conversation together, and certainly a requirement to get to any sort of a second level of bricks.

Up Next: Humanity On Trial - Appeal Granted