Restnuts Chosting on an Open Fahr

Sinterklassen, using whatever means he holds at his disposal, slipped through the chimney, knocking over various cards sent from family members afar, took two bites from a fine, organic chocolate bar which replaced the normal cookies, and chugged down some eggnog before leaving behind a neatly wrapped package for the boy and continuing on his nightly journey to all good pagan childrens.

A yule tree stands proud, basically a short palm with a few colored bulbs – one for each of us, decorated by some family member in seasons greetings’ past with our names on them – umbrellas the night’s presents, and promises for two more days worth of tearing, scissoring, ripping and opening, two more days worth ontop of this night’s smiling, surprising, playing, singing and storytelling. A father reads a poem, a mother recants a tale, a boy’s eyes light up. Blinking fairy lights and soft white overheads from the kitchen pour into the darkness and mingle to the tune of Wii games and gurgling creme liqueur bellies.

We all fall asleep in the spirit of Wintery warmth, under our blankets and in eachother’s thoughts. Cozy has never been such a good word.

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