The Season of Yule

All along a time ago, the baby Sun God was born on this very day. But even as he opened his eyes to the glowing, warmy heart of his mother Goddess, the world was dark – as dark as it had ever been, mourning the death of the last Sun God, who would pass away today on this, the Winter Solstice, also known as Yule.

Day is a just a crack of a sliver today as Night comes early like a knock on the door you weren’t expecting, and holds fast around the stars. The Winter Queen is in full swing as she kicks off her official full on start today and promises months ahead of slippery soles and stinging fingers, winds whistling piercing off-tunes through our ears and long waits for busses on corners where arctic makes its daily drive by. She takes off her gloves and taps the clouds to drop snowflakes from the sky and plunge us straight into the sleeping season.

But even still, the baby Sun God is peek-a-booing with us, dodging in between clouds where it can and smiling wide for its new life. Everyday he gets stronger and stronger, until eventually he’ll beat the Night all together and we’ll be roasting marshmallows over open fires under the Summer sky.

But for now, even as we may be looking forward to another long and thick sit with the Winter Queen, Yule is upon us, beginning with Yule’s Eve. A time for reminiscing and remembering, both for the point of smiling at the good times we’ve had but also for rethinking the bad times and how we might avoid them in the coming next year. We made candles this year out of bees wax, one for each, and lit them together, placed them around eggnog and milky chocolate, and made our ways to bed to see if any jolly old men might wander their way down into the home to find it all.

Yule’s Eve is the past, and Yule is the present. A day for complete and total relaxation and enjoyment, a day to appreciate every moment of the day, particularly as it is so short, and cozy up with thick drinks and sweet treats into the night…

And tomorrow we’ll finish it all up with Yule After, the day to look into our new year and use the lessons from the one passing to try and lead us into the places we want to be…

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