Commandments, Ten

Now, I’m no direct translator of Hebrew or whatnot, but while enduring the yearly going to of church for my family’s enjoyment, I took to reading the Ten Commandments, which were stitched so elegantly in tablet-like fashion and hung on the wall. And did you realize that one of those commandments, handed straight down from the big Almight, he who they call I am, Captain Jesus himself, reads “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

Now, no mind that it doesn’t read “thou shalt not kill humans,” which could easily open up a whole new school of thought (ie, if you believe that the Bible is taken literally, such as the stuff about man not laying with man and how that means gay people shouldn’t vote or whatever the fuck they’re saying these days, then you’re a sinner for eating burgers, but…. I’ll get into that some other day.)

Basically, anyone who goes to war and kills someone is breaking a commandment. And I’d assume there’s some sort of disclaimer that says “If you give a direct order to kill someone, you in turn have killed.”

Visa vi, your President is a hell-bound sumvabitch who God is clearly against. Also, 3000 some soldiers have died. And those are just the guys on our side.

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