… (pt. continued)

The world quit combing their hairs today
And I never sent in the check to pay the guys who bought my house for me
And the rabbits didn’t make a run for it
And the “Come on down!” just continued to sit
And even if they had the opportunity
Well they’d all say, we’ll just have to wait and see

The banks didn’t print the money today
They don’t usually do it anyway
But to show their mutual savoir-fair
They sent a pound of coffee to your local mayor

So he could eat and drink his fill
And look down from his up there hill
To choose the streets he’ll try to impress
From those he’ll choose to leave a mess

While Old Faithful’s caught in a love affair
But if feels so good when you’re all the way up there
And keep to yourself your somethings-to-say
The opinions of a voyeur matter what anyway?

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