iPhone is a-Happenin’

iPhone iPhone iPhone!says this quicktime, which is as long as a feature length film but sure to rile your socks up in a jiffy quicker than lickety split and certainly more fulfilling than I’ll wager Night at the Museum to be.

Chickety check it fo’ yo-self.

But on the serious, and as Steve Jobs will point out over and over again, wearing his slick “I’m one of you” garb and touting around the phone like he knows we want it, it’s a phone, it’s an iPod and it’s the Internet, and better than ever before when held in your hand with each. Simply from a phone perspective, we’re talking top notch – huge screen, touch screen, near Wii-like intuitiveness and what promises to be a great improvement from existing phones in areas such as managing contacts, voicemail (where you can choose which messages you want to listen to first, now or save for later, instead of the annoying process we’ve all come to hate in the voicemail department), and even conference calling. Throw in a video iPod, a 2 Megapixel camera, accelerometer to recognize widescreen from standard mode (and watching movies/TV shows seems to be a snap) and the Internet that promises to be as good as, if not better than, the Opera Mini browser and I’m totally sold.

And even at $599 for the 8GB model, I think it’s well worth it. Industry analysts (myself) have been touting for years (or at least parts of 2006 and the current year) that if phones weren’t so cheap as to be mere extras that you get just for signing up with a service provider, we might see developers releasing devices that are equivalent to what you might get second hand in Japan – but as long as phones can’t make money on their own, they’ll only be minimalist prizes that are to be one by finding the best service contract.

Anyway, I go on, but I’m more excited about this than I was about getting a Wii – which is big, because I love my Wii and the closeness it has brought me to my fellow mankind.

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iPhone rules says Nathan loves iPhone (shameless, I know).

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