Where We’ve Gotten to Now

Last night I sat down for some quality time with the boy to play a little Wii Sports. At the last minute he convinced me to play Lego Star Wars instead, so we plugged the old Gamecube controllers in (I hate how they’ve set this up by the way, and have yet to get my Wavebird to work with the Wii) and loaded up the little blue disc.

Now, I’ve beaten Lego Star Wars and am very familiar with the controls, but when I started playing…I couldn’t. Not comfortably anyway. Having both of my hands affixed to the same controller, coupled with my desire to swing the thing around and have some type of reaction, completely through me off. Pushing buttons where there is basically an on or off state (and Nintendo is further ahead than XBox and PS with the multiple levels of button pushing sensitivity) was just lacking, felt completely unnatural and it should. We’ve trained ourselves not to pull the controller left or right when we’re trying to give a character that extra umph to get onto that ledge.

I’m only more satisfied with my Wii now that I realize how boring video games have the potential to be, when they’re not ultimately interactive.

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