Poetry on Blogs is like Boredom on the Face of an Astronaut

Where do you go when all the world is round?
You can’t go south without coming down
And where do you end up at the bottom of the Earth?
Or why are we all trying so hard to get there first?

Did you stop by just to say hello?
And ask me all the things you already know.
Or comment on my life, it seems okay.
And fill my ears with just anything to say.

Is it harder now with talking on the phone?
Since you’ve helped yourself to being all alone.
And finding out that everything you’d ever known
Unanswered long distance calls to yourself at home.

You already knew what I would say but hey you asked me anyway
And all that I felt I should do is sit there breathing over you.
The things I want are all so often contradictory.
Which makes a life of interesting misery of me…

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