The Irrelevance of Wired Magazine in our Wireless World

Wired Magazine seemed like a beacon of brilliant hope to me when I got my first issue less than two years ago. I renewed twice, but only received a total of 21 magazines due to their inability to keep my renewal date seperate from my original subscription date. Eh. That only amounts to about $2 or something at the annual price of $10. But is the annual price of a subscription to Wired only $10. Ish does not think so.

The Cost of the Paper Alone

According to Wikipedia, Wired Magazine has between 500,000 and 1,000,000 readers. According to my rough memory, the average Wired Magazine has 200 pages. Do a little math and that’s about 225,000 tons of paper. That’s 3,825,000 trees per year being cut down to print a magazine about technology, a magazine that is available for free on the Internet.

Factor in the environmental impact of the ink, the coating on the paper, and the oil it takes to run the machines that print and distribute the magazine, and you’re practically exploding the moon. That’s right, Earth’s moon.


Aside from the obvious oddity that a magazine about state of the edge, cutting art “geek life” is named Wired in this day and age, there are a couple of great dualities in the World of Wired.

Most notably is the personality disorder they suffer between article and advertising dollar. A Hummer article in the same magazine that’s toting Al Gore as the last chance for our planet’s survival? Or that these so called experts can’t even build a website that meets Web standards or even simply pass HTML Markup Validation (117 Errors on their homepage). Combine this with their lust for promoting the latest tech gear in the military onslaught that is our foreign policy (a Wired search brings up 17000 results for the word “military”, versus a mere 15200 for “health”. Not geek enough for you? How about these apples: only 650 for “wifi”, 13400 for “robot”, and 9170 for, um, “geek”) and you have to wonder about their liberal agenda and how facetious it may be.

On the other hand, this is a really funny article written by the guy from the Daily Show and those Mac vs. PC commercials (and don’t forget to view the next and previous ones too!)

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