How to Get School Delay Notifications on Your Phone

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This morning marked the second time that, after a double-snooze, I rolled out of bed around 7:10 to get myself and the boy ready in time for him to catch his bus. We’ve lived in Erie, PA, mind you, the northern badlands most southerly border, so a little -3 degree temperature and absolutely no snow on the ground, the sun beaming in like a beacon of Punxy Phil’s truthful eyes caught in the headlights of a truck delivering robins, wasn’t any call for alarm.

But for the second time this year, we were left standing on the corner, waiting for a bus that never came. Now sure, you could watch TV every morning, I think KDKA might be the best source on the tube for finding out which schools are closing, but unless you’re a real rise-and-shiner, you probably have a hard enough time remembering to switch on the coffee pot let alone the TV.

How to Have School Delays and Cancellations Sent to Your Mobile Phone

This is only applicable for the Pittsburgh area, but a similar service might be available for your city, if it’s large enough, or if you have enough delays or cancellations.

Discovering Your Phone’s Email Address

Your phone likely has an email address if it’s semi-up-to-date. Try sending a text message to your own email address. There should be options, once you initiate a new text message, to send to a phone number, an email address or your contacts. Once you text your own email address you can get that address from the message in your inbox.

Sprint customers email address is of the following format: where you replace the 555s with your actual phone number.

Getting the Notifications

  1. Visit WTAE-TV 4’s School Closing’s page.
  2. Follow the directions under School Closings E-mail Signup

Simple enough, right? If this saves you from standing outside even once in the bitter chill of overcautiousness that is the climate of the city’s school district, it’ll be worth it, I’ll wager.

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