Remember the Milk

Remember the MilkI’ve been experimenting with Remember the Milk, a “to do” list that’s really so much more than that (I think…)

I’m trying to find a free and viable option to BaseCamp. Remember the Milk lets you:

  • Set up different categories, called Lists, for your tasks. The defaults are Work, Personal and Study – but I’m thinking of assigning a different task list to each client, and then…
  • Share your tasks with others (or even make them public, like Google Docs). The main problem here is that it’s not incredibly intuitive to add people. You first have to invite them to get their own Remember the Milk account, and only then can you add them to a particular list.
  • iCalendar support. Apparently you can sync with your iCalendar compliant calendars, though I haven’t exactly figured out how to do it. Again, it’s just not very intuitive at this point.
  • Updates via email or your mobile phone.
  • Google Maps integration which seems interesting though I’m not sure how often I’d use it on a daily basis. However, for planning a roadtrip, I think it just might be super nifty…

Definitely worth checking out, even with the bugginess and oddities I found, I’m still very excited about this software. Let me know if you use it and how you might be doing so!

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