If Hugging a Tree is Wrong, Shutup

I’m hoping for a civilization in ten or fifty or 100 years that realizes the value of nature. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, and I don’t think it’s overly hippy. A place where our cars and buildings don’t mean the end of our ability to breath. Where you can go on a hike through your local park without finding someone’s old toilet smashed alongside the trail. A place where climbing a tree is as natural an act as talking on a cell phone.

Unfortunately, the trade we’ve made over time for the current state of “civilized” has left us so far away from our original state of “natural” that I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to come out of it.

A couple of things that I feel separate us from our planet, and while they’re considered to be good manners or furthering civilization, are just ridiculous aspects of our lifestyles.

  • Mowing the grass. Not only is this a giant time waster, but short, spiky grass is so much less comfortable than a thick, green patch that you can roll around in.
  • Using curtains. Why would we rather pay money to cover our windows so that we can in turn pay more money for electricity because there isn’t enough natural sunlight making its way in? The idea of privacy is at fault here, but if weren’t so private, I suspect we’d be much less nosy in the first place, therefore eliminating the problem in on itself.
  • Sidewalks. It’s not that I’m completely against sidewalks, they’re great for things like skateboards, wheelchairs, and keeping construction crews employed, but when it comes to walking, nothing is less natural than a sidewalk. The quickest way to get from point a to point b is a straight line, and in this world of rush and hurry, you think people would realize that. But instead of cutting through a park or a quick skip through someone’s yard, we almost always walk in these ridiculous L shapes. Life-wasting, I call that.
  • Folding clothes. Why is it so important for our clothes to be ironed and smooth anyway? Are we so afraid of aging and getting wrinkles on our face, that we need to try and dissuade time by making our clothes as smooth as possible? Turds are wrinkly, and you know what the only kind of fecal matter that isn’t wrinkly is? Diarrhea. Think about that one for awhile.

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